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Issue 11, October 1996


Advertisement (pg 2)
Sierra (Phantasmagoria)

Advertisement (pg 3)

Advertisement (pg 3)
IDT Internet

Hyperlink (pg 9)
Senator Feinstein's big idea

Advertisement (pg 7)
Cardinal ISDN

Advertisement (pg 13)
Viacom NewMedia (Enemy Nations)

Top Ten (pp 14-15)

  1. Surreal Make-Over Gallery
  2. Superunknown
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  4. Sticky Wicket: Poverty's Home Page
  5. Speedtrap Registry
  6. Whale Watcher Expert System
  7. Internet of Fine Arts
  8. Mongolia '96
  9. Pulpit
10. The Commonwealth Network

alt.culture.watch (pp 16-17)

The John Tesh Web

Bargain Bin: The Complete Love Spell Package

the Scrumdelicious Urban Vermin Gourmet
Iowa State University's tasty Insect Recipes

NetLine (pp 18-22)

Def Con

Department of Justice
Hacked DOJ mirror site

the Dominion

3DO (Meridian 59)

Instant Sports

The Holden Server


Is It Worth It?: Feng Shui Consultation

george jr.

Advertisement (pg 23)

Weird on the Web (pp 24-27)

Bottoms Up
How To Ride Safely
James and the Giant Roll of Bired Wire
Bungee Disasters
the Doggy Sideshow by the Seashore
Uncle Tim's Sloth Hacienda
Cheeses of Nazareth
"Enter at your own risk" issue 11
My Vending Machine Experiences
Cheater's Paradise
Bureau of Missing Socks
Classic Weird:  The Dark Side of PEZ
"What's In That Head of Yours?" issue 11
Project: Denny's
What Is In Your Name?

Cereal Hacker (pp 28-35)

Cap'n Crunch's Web Page

A Social Disease (pp 36-39)

The Palace
Women Online Worldwide
New Jersey Online
Conter For On-line Addiction

Little Geek Houses (pp 42-45)

Santa Cruz Geek Houses Index

Searching for the Right Target (pp 46-51)

The Wall Street Journal

Love For Sale (pp 52-55)

World Sex Guide
PENet-Prostitute's Education Network
The Sex Worker's Alliance of Vancouver
COYOTE (Caste Off Your Old Tired Ethics)
"Prostitution and Male Supremacy" by Andrea Dworkin
"On the Issues"
Don't! Buy! Thai!
The Survivor's Voice
Coalition against Prostitution and Child Abuse in Thailand
Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation

On the Virtual Road (pp 56-59)

Elin's Website

Spotlight (pg 64)

Surreal Make-Over Gallery

403 Forbidden (pg 65)

The Avenger's Front Page

Advertisement (pg 78)
United CD ROM

Advertisement (pg 83)
Sierra (Phantasmagoria 2)

Advertisement (pg 84)
Earthlink Network

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