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Volume 2 ~ Issue 1, December 1996


Advertisement (pg 2)
Birthright (Sierra)

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Advertisement (pg 3)
IDT Internet

Top Ten of the Net Top Ten (pp 14-15)

  1. Computer Virus Myths
  2. suck
  3. The Abandoned Missle Base VR Tour
  4. Church of the SubGenius
  5. WWWF Grudgematch
  6. Blue Dot
  7. Mad Science
  8. IUMA
  9. John Labovitz's E-Zine List
10. Interesting Ideas

alt.culture.watch (pp 16-17)

NFL Website

The Ice Capades
KC and the Sunshine Band
Barry Manilow

Bargain Bin: Arms and Armor Website

jerry.com  seinfeld.com
elaine.com  benes.com
george.com  costanza.com
cosmo.com  kramer.com

NetLine (pp 18-22)

Glock 3
The Gangsta Net Crew Homepage

Atomic 3D

Is It Worth It?: Cybergold

NII Awards

Weirdest of the Web (pp 22-25)

Pavement Terror
The Nipple Server
Ron's Doughnut of the Week
Guess the Evil Dictator or Television Sit-Com Character
My Vending Machine Experiences
The Phallic Symbol Page
The Hairy Human Homepage
Lip Balm Anonymous
The Loser Living Upstairs
Spam Cam
Airsickness Bag Collection
Bruce Bookman's Page o' Pants
Endangered Feces

Advertisement (pp 26-27)

3DO's Meridian 59

More than Love (pp 28-33)

Courtney Love's FAQ
Hersh's Site
CD Now!
Pure's Site
Folk Den
No Doubt's Site
Poe's Site

Panels and Frames (pp 34-39)

Argon Zark
Fiasco Comics

The X-Plainable Files (pp 40-45)

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
"The Why Files"
James "The Amazing" Randi
The Skeptical Inquirer
Skeptic Annotated Bilbliography
Jim Lippard's Site
False Memory Syndrome Foundation
Kennedy Assasination Home Page

On the Net With...The Real Kramer (pp 60-63)

The "Real" Kramer's Home Page

403 Forbidden (pg 67)

"Primate Handedness & Brain Lateralization" Site
"Left-Handers in Society"

Reviews (pp 68-69)

Nova Development

Advertisement (pg 69)
Top Secret Consumertronics

Advertisement (pg 79)
United CD ROM

Advertisement (pg 83)
Lords of the Realm II (Sierra)

Advertisement (pg 84)
EarthLink Network

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