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All the links, by story and page, from Internet Underground.

Volume 2 ~ Issue 3, February-March 1997


Advertisement (pp 2-3)
Micron Electronics Inc.

Advertisement (pp 6-7)
US Robotics

Net Top Ten (pp 14-15)

  1. The Hollywood Stock Exchange
  2. Atari 2600, games
  3. Retro Magazine
  4. The Virtual LEGO Web Site
  5. Parascope
  6. Pez Org
  7. Used Software Exchange
  8. The Columns
  9. The Weekly Freebie Campaign
10. Tweak

alt.culture.watch (pp 16-17)

Timberline Taxidermy

NetLine (pp 18-22)


Virgin Interactive's SubSpace


American Greetings

Online Communications

Advertisement (pg 23)
Top Secret Consumertronics

Weird on the Web (pp 24-27)

Trep-o-matic 2000
Useless Facts
The Broken Toilet Home Page
The Unofficial Small Wonder Home Page
The Rensselaer Drop Squad
Ferret Central
Mark Eats AOL
Name In Hieroglyphic
The Phobia List
Killer Fonts
Goodfella's Ballbreakers Page
The I Hate Linear Algebra Home Page
The Death Toll
The Tick's Dart Game
Celebrity Slugfest
The Complete Lyrics of 99 Bottles of Beer On the Wall
Engle's Oil
How to Drive Like a Moron

IRC Games (pp 36-41)

Internet Relay Chat FAQ
Server List
IRC Game Machine
Acrophobia Hall of Fame

The Best of Inventions (pp 42-45)

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Da Vinci's Inventor Homepage
Internet Invention Store
Inventor's FAQ
Inventor World
a patenting website

Return of the Jedi (pp 48-47)

Star Wars: Special Edition Web Site
Internet Movie Database
The Boba Fett Home Page
Cool Star Wars Site of the Week
Evan Strikes Back
Glen's Star Wars Archive
Jeff's Guide to the Star Wars Drinking Game
Star Wars Collector Circle
Star Wars Encyclopedia
Star Wars Page at UPenn
The Star Wars Role-Playing Club
Star Wars Web Ring
Trek vs. Wars
The Wedge Antilles Worship Page
You Know You're a Star Wars Geek When...

Life On Mars (pp 52-59)

Mars Pathfinder Mission Homepage
Reaching For the Red Planet
The Whole Mars Catalog
"The Warp Drive: Hyper-Fast Travel Within General Relativity"
"The Case For Mars" Summary

On the Net With...John Perry Barlow (pp 60-63)

Electronic Frontier Foundation

FAQ (pp 64-65)

Computer Underground Digest

Spotlight (pg 66)

The Hollywood Stock Exchange

Advertisement (pg 82)
Yahoo! Internet Life

Advertisement (pg 84)
EarthLink Network

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