Cover of May '97 issue  volume 2, issue 5
May 1997           electric paper

  Cover Story:

Sex Sites Exxxposed by Matt Richtel
In our behind the scenes tour of the Web's hottest, most controversial sites, you'll find out who's fueling the Internet's one-track mind. (pg 28)

  Also Featuring:

Night of the Living (Computer) Dead by Mike Whalen
Their manufacturers want to shoot them in their 8-bit heads and dump them in a landfill. On the Net, though, fans of obsolete computers want to keep old Apples and Ataris alive. (pg 34)

Hit the Net Before You Hit the Road by Michael Shapiro
The cheapest flights, the best places to stay, and the coolest things to see--find expert advice and excellent deals online.
Plus: IU maps out a guide to kitschy roadside attractions. (pg 36)

Down on the Farm by Dark Tangent
Hacker Dark Tangent takes a trip to Uncle Ira's Fun Farm O' Death, a place where technological oddities and government surplus find new life. (pg 44)

How to Hack Across the Border by Winn Schwartau
A lesson in Customs customs for the Net-savvy traveler. (pg 50)

Things That Go Boom by Rob Bernstein
Online spud gun enthusiasts teach netizens about the art of potato, pumpkin and watermelon launching. (pg 54)

On the Net with...Denis Leary by Mitchell Lavnick
Comedian Denis Leary is one celebrity who's seen enough of the Net to have an opinion: Screw it. (pg 58)

FAQ: Confessions of a Smut Blocker by Sarah Ellerman
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to scour the Net for filth, as a full-time job.. (pg 64)


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