issue #2

Online for Issue 2
January 1996

> Features:

  • "A Conversation with the CandyMan":
    The archivist of recipes for disaster talks about why posting bomb- making plans is his right as an American

  • "Are Online Services Dead?":
    If the Internet means the end of the world as the online services know it, why do they feel fine?

  • "From Here to Obscurity":
    The 'net is littered with shrines to the likes of Brad Pitt. Why not bypass those sites for the road less traveled?

  • "Radio (inter)Active":
    Live radio on the 'net is supposed to be the .wav of the future -- unless live video kills the radio stars, again.

  • "Are We Not Mentos?":
    To some they're chalky white chewy mints, but to a small devoted following theyre an intensley fresh obsession.


  • @ Large: Mirsky entertains some low-resolution thoughts for the New Year
  • Brainpan: Advanced surfing techniques: avoiding ads by design
  • FAQ: Frequently Answered Questions, this time on the topic of alt.tasteless
  • Hyperlink: The IU editors discuss "avoiding Yanni"
  • On the 'Net with: Scott Thompson of Kids in the Hall fame
  • Top Ten: Ten spiffy sites
  • Weird on the Web: From The Contortion Home Page to The Zombie Death Dungeon
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