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Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour users/kevink/silo/silo.html
Ever wonder what's inside all those clandestine abandoned missile silos that dot the Midwest and Great Plains? Rather than breaking the law and exploring for yourself, this site will take you on an actual tour of a "decommissioned, abandoned underground missile complex." Despite being marred by graffiti, the inner workings of the silo offer a fascinating glimpse into the skeletal residuum of a Cold War remnant without the hassle of breathing asbestos or radon. (For the story behind this site check out Spotlight for this issue.)
A Visit To Yesterland
http://www.mcs. net/~werner/yester.html
Definitely an E-ticket ride. Join Disney fan Werner Weiss and tour the forgotten attractions of Disneyland's past such as the Country Bear Jamboree, the Skyway and the Rocket to the Moon. Each attraction in this virtual amusement park is accompanied by a luscious color photo and erudite history lesson. Weiss really knows his Disney, going so far as to include obsolete restaurants like the Casa de Fritos and an explanation of the arcane A-through-E ticket system.
The Rat Pack Home Page
With Dean joining Sammy in that Great Green Room in the sky (lately Frank's looking like he might not be too far behind), drown your sorrows at this home page celebrating the halcyon days of those hard-drinkin', bimbo- patronizin', ballad-croonin' hipsters, the Rat Pack. Stay up till dawn, scotch in one hand, smoke in the other, in the luxurious neon climes of the page as you explore a bygone era when Vegas wasn't a theme park and Frank truly was Chairman of the Board.
Captain Fly's Super Soulsonic Badass Home Page
If you think the Web lacks soul, trip over to Captain Fly's pad. The highlight of his digs is the Captain's comprehensive guide to blaxploitation films. Consult this index when trying to decide between renting Blacula or Shaft. In addition, the Captain offers the Monthly Music Showcase mini-zine in which he reviews soulful nuggets from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Hot Chocolate and even the Delfranco Family. The definitive answer to the question, "Who's the Webmaster that's a sex machine to all the chicks?" It's Captain Fly.
The Kooks Museum
Writer Donna Kossy has compiled an impressive collection of all manner of logic-challenged folk in her gallery dedicated to those suffering from theories of questionable scholarship, messiah complexes, doomsday theorists and the like. However, Kossy notes that being a kook is often just a matter of time and circumstance; a kook in one century could be considered a scientific hero in the next. Still, most of her exhibit subjects do not seem the type to qualify for such latter-day recognition. Consider the guy who believes that a secret underground society exists, divided into the blue and reds, with subcategories of varying evil personality traits. Or the trials of Joe Jonah Euclid of Menlo Park, Calif., an "Appointed Messenger of God."
Scott's Page of Evil
Even with all the surfing we do, few sites actually amuse us enough to make us explore the whole thing. Scott Glazer, however, has dissected all of the evil plagues of society with such tongue-in-cheek venom that we actually read every square inch of text on his site. Glazer's targets cover the entire spectrum of evilness, ranging from "Lucifer's Actress" Andie McDowell to the French, with his diatribes on Piers Anthony and Internet links hitting their marks with especially perfect pitch. Even the suggestion box is filled with amusing snippets. We're just waiting for him to take on emoticons.
Proving once and for all that yes, there are women on the 'net, comes A. Sherman and her voluminous collection of essays, tips, links and even HTML resources for the modern girl who has decided to become the master of her own modem. Sherman also provides information to women-owned businesses and domestic-violence victims. In her collection of essays, be sure to read her account of being held up at gunpoint in New York City.
Dark Reflections rshand/reflections/reflect.html
A decidedly mystical slant pervades this site, but Webmaster Richard Shand somehow manages to pull off a combination of new- age conceptualizing and ancient cataclysm analysis with enough vigor to interest even the biggest of skeptics. Shand delves into everything from Gnosticism to the eruption of Thera and its possible relationship to the sinking of Atlantis, but the thoroughness of his sources lends the topics a decent amount of weight; discovering the similarities between myths and the crossing of cultures is always enlightening. Especially entertaining is his comparison of Tibetan Buddhism and modern physics -- they have a lot more in common than you might think.
Fact Sheet Five Electric
http://www.well. com/conf/ f5/f5index2.html
The online companion to the ëzine world's epicenter, this site reviews, compiles and directs readers to those who have taken publishing into their own hands. This site has virtually no graphics, but offers links to a wide variety of e-zine and electronic publishing resources. It also connects readers to those ëzines still published on dead trees. Fact Sheet Five also offers tips on how to put together your own ëzine, either on paper or electrons.
AudioNet Jukebox
You need to download and install the RealAudio 2.0 program first at products/ra2.0/index.html to enjoy this site. With that said, the AudioNet Jukebox is just that, a jukebox where you can play any of the dozens of CDs in real time. Promising new selections daily, at press time AudioNet served up an eclectic variety that ran from standards like Pearl Jam's Vitalogy and the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack to more esoteric choices such as a collection of TV commercials and even a campy "Greatest Hits" collection from Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck. The sound quality won't overwhelm you, but if you're stuck at work or school with no access to tuneage, this site beats humming the Mentos tune ad infinitum.

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