Cover of issue #5

Online for Issue 5
April 1996

> Features:

  • "Unofficial Markoff, Mitnick, Shimomura FAQ":
    Was Kevin Mitnick really a menace? Did John Markoff violate the ethics of his trade? Why can't Tsutomo Shimomura keep hackers off his website? We answer these burning questions and many more in our illuminating FAQ.

  • "Surf 'n' Slurp":
    Lured by fast connections, comfy chairs and yes, darn good cups of coffee, seasoned vets and newbies alike are flocking to cybercafés.

  • "Surf Conditions":
    Warning: too much time on the computer may put you at risk for neurological and muscular terrors. Learn how to combat them throught the use of ergonomics.

  • "Digital Immortality":
    A personal look at the Goodbye Page, a singular act of human compassion among the pointless discussion, obnoxious advocacy and mindless self absorption that crowd cyberspace.

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