Rob Bernstein
Senior Editor


When did you join Internet Underground?

I was constructed for Internet Underground in the year 1996. I did not join IU so much as I was forced into labor. I was programmed as the ultimate editing machine. However a bug in my system has caused chronic malfunctioning, thus the cause of infrequent editorial allusions to Yanni, Kenny G. and Gallagher.

How long have you been online?

Oh, for a while now.

What do you spend most of your time doing online?

I'm programmed to hunt down only the best in Web entertainment for our reader's enjoyment.

How do you spend offline time?

Between snacks, I work as Senior Editor for IU. I do nothing else.

Oh, maybe I do a few other things: sing Asia tunes at local karaoke bars, get picked on by my peers, watch horribly bad horror movies, write screenplay sequels to The Mighty Duck, jog (when my weak willed self allows it), eat cheap vegetarian burritos at Taco and Burrito House (near the corner of Broadway and Irving in Chicago), exercise, among other things.

Do you surf with links underlined?

No, that is against my program directive.

What was the first site that really caught your attention?

The Capt. Kirk Sing-A-Long page. William Shatner's version of Tambourine Man convinced me that the digital age had truly arrived.

What scares you about the Internet?

Censorship of it. FREEDOM!!!!

What best prepared you for your work?

The better question is, "Am I even prepared for my work?"

Are your a dog or cat person? Or perhaps some alternative pet?

Dog person. Cats suck, particularly because I'm allergic to them. Ever read 101 Uses For A Dead Cat?

"In high school I was...

named Most Likely to be Senior Editor at IU. Freaky."

Describe your favorite monitor decoration/toy?

There's so many, where to begin? I guess I like my little rubbery wrestler dude who enjoys picking on the other action figures that also reside on my monitor.

The ultimate online snack is...?

...a Frosty banana snack, accompanied with a bag of chips and salsa, and a can of Dr. Pepper.

What applications are usually running on your computer?

Eudora, Netscape, Word, Girlfriend Tracy.

What's your favorite book?

A 3-way tie:

A Thousand Acres
King Lear (really a play I suppose)
The Great Gatsby

What's your favorite cereal, and when do you indulge?

Another 3-way tie:

Cocoa Pebbles
Cinammon Toast Crunch
Cookie Crisp

What tunes play while you surf?

Most recently:

Ben Fold's Five
Beastie Boys Instrumental
Bim Skala Bim
The Gypsy Kings