Troy Brophy
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When did you join Internet Underground?

January 8th, 1996

How long have you been online?

Since about May 1995.

What do you spend most of your time doing online?

Since January 8th:
FTPing files to's server.

Before January 8th:

How do you spend offline time?

Watching too much TV, playing poker when possible, trying to better myself through literature, photography, sitting in traffic.

Do you surf with links underlined?

Surf? I check the HTML I code with with no links underlined... Underlined links? Bleh.

What was the first site that really caught your attention?

Justin's Links to the Underground.

What scares you about the Internet?

Learning how few people are willing to make an effort to use correct spelling, grammar and/or sentence structure in e-mail messages to complete strangers.

What best prepared you for your work?

Showing off in chat rooms that allowed HTML input and a bad case of Perfectionism.

Are your a dog or cat person? Or perhaps some alternative pet?

Cat, but I preach the excellent qualities of the three-toed tree sloth (bradypus tridactylus).

"In high school I was...


Describe your favorite monitor decoration/toy?

I am drawn to the shiny little plastic tray that four ToffifayTM candies came nestled in. It stands as a testament to the progressive march of the food packaging technologies that make civilization bearable.

The ultimate online snack is...?

Jay's O-Ke-Doke Hot Cheese Popcorn.

What applications are usually running on your computer?

Connectix QuickPICT camera, Notepad, Internet Explorer (to design) and Netscape (to surf). (And lately, much the the chagrin of the staff, Diablo.)

What's your favorite book?

Every year around the holidays I start into J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. I don't enjoy anything else from the fantasy genre, however. Read more Philosophy, kids.

What's your favorite cereal, and when do you indulge?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch (pre-swirls) or Apple Jacks... Hardly ever buy them though. Once a year maybe?

What tunes play while you surf?

I only listen to The Best of Blondie while working on the site.