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As of July 25, the IU site will no longer be updated. That's because publication of the print version of Internet Underground has been suspended. If you've got a copy of the July/August issue, congrats -- that's the final one, at least for the foreseeable future. If your site was reviewed in IU and the review didn't make it onto the site, we apologize, and it doesn't mean we don't love you.

To our loyal readers: Thanks for all the great letters and responses we've received since the magazine's inception, and special thanks to all of you who sent in votes of confidence for Tiny, the mailguy. (His vacation from IU has turned into a permanent stay in the Fiji islands, where he runs a moderately successful hot dog stand.)

We'll miss all of you, and we'll miss cranking out the quality editorial, splashy layout and cheap pop culture references that were IU.


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