The Internet Underground Subscription FAQ

Subscribers and potential subscribers, thank you for your patience. As you may or may not know, Internet Underground was bought by Ziff-Davis in early May. While the editorial vision of the magazine has not been altered one iota, as with any take-over the business aspects of the magazine have been re-evaluated. Hopefully this FAQ will clear up any subscription questions you may have.

What's up? I called the 1-800 # and it sounds like you guys are out of business?

Nothing could be further from the truth. We're still chained to our desks cranking out quality editorial. As you know from reading IU, we already like to challenge you, our readers, intellectually, so we figured why not challenge you physically by making you schlep to the newsstand to pick up your monthly copy.

Wait a second, you took my money, why haven't I gotten my magazine?

That's the bad news. As of the August issue of IU (#9) subscriptions to IU have been suspended. That means your August issue will never arrive in your mailbox. Leave the house now to go snatch a copy off the newsstand before they're sold out. If you're having trouble finding the magazine in your area, bug your local retailers to start carrying it.

Then what's going to happen to my subscription?

As of mid-August you should have received a letter from us explaining the situation. Basically, the balance of your subscription is being transferred to Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), an excellent magazine covering the exciting world of Nintendo, Sega, Sony Playstation and other video games.

Video games? I don't play video games! Can I get my MONEY back?

Yes, you can. In order to receive a refund for the balance of your subscription please send an e-mail message to with the subject line "IU Refund Request." Your request must include the full name and address you used to subscribe to IU. Even if you opt for a refund we will send you EGM for the balance of your subscription at no cost.

Listen, I really don't need EGM, is there any way to get you not to send it?

Of course, just note in your refund request that you don't even want the free subscription to EGM. You may get an issue or two before your cancellation is processed. Heck, you might even like it.

I still have more questions, who will answer them?

Direct any further questions you have to have