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You must visit this site before you every play a trivia game again. Mr. Smarty Pants gives you many categories to choose from, such as language, sex, pets, religion, business, sports and even flan and accordion facts. The links send you to textural pages of short, simple facts about the particular category, along the lines of "A felcher is someone who cleans someone else's butt" and there is no word for headache in Eskimo." You can spend hours at this site, checking out each section and marveling in the realization of how little you actually know. If you'd like to contribute for possible inclusion, you can e-mail Mr. Smarty Pants, but before you go spreading his words as fact, keep in mind that Mr. Smarty Pants claims to have gathered his information from all kinds of sources, including the Internet, television and conversations overheard at parties.

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