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Sometimes we can't explain the method to our madness. In essence, we review sites that inspire us, good or bad. Or, we review pages that make us angry, or move us to join, fight, cheer, spend money or have sex. We reviewed this site because it just is so darn old. Since the Web is somewhat of a newbie, on the grand scale of things, we decided this electronic fossil could use some attention. MIT's oldest and largest newspaper, organized and written by student volunteers, has been on the Web since May of 1993. This 'zine spouts bi-weekly school news, national and world news, arts/entertainment and sports. The movie reviews are astute and the archived documents such as the full NAFTA accord are an interesting download, but unless you are enrolled full-time and actively pursuing the MIT lifestyle, you may see it to be a bit "insider" after the first couple reads. Gee, no pictures.

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