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Althought it somewhat defeats the purpose to plan your adventure trip over the Internet, a bit of organization and a rough itnerary can only ensure that you will make the best use of your time. From North America to Asia, this well-designed Web site helps you find destinations a bit off the beaten path, yet still accessible to curious travelers (not tourists). if a safari or ecotour sounds more like a vacation than shopping along Rodeo Drive or barricading yourself in at the Excelsior Hotel, this site will be useful, and help you find activities and locations of interest. The site includes images of locales, practical information (what time of year is best to visit which locales and what to wear once you're there), and addresses and phone numbers for transportation and accommodation resources. Lists of reference books also included. This site is complete enough to pique your interest, but not so much that your trip will be predictable or overplanned.

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