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"Imagine yourself 20 meters (66 feet) above the ground on a platform, as thousands of faces watch and wait for you to 'style' Now imagine taking a step, with only a 1/2-inch metal wire between you and the ground. Welcome to the world of high wire." This Newton's Apple educational Web site gives you the lowdown on walking the tightrope, circus-style. Important terms you must understand, like "center of mass and "funambulism," are included in glossary form so that you can master the physics before you take to the big top. Once you have that down, you can leap to the "Balancing Act" section and begin to build your own tightrope setup. The rest is practice, practice, practice. The site is very short, and doesn't show any pictures of famous "walkers," but is thorough enought that after visiting, you may be inspired to become the next Steve Wallenda.

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