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Billed as "The e-zine of NFL Commentary," Gridiron Grumblings is a regularly updated Web site that discusses the current NFL season enthusiastically and thoroughly. This site is so ambitious that if you aren't a major football fan, it'll undoutedly seem Greek to you. (Unless, of course, you're Greek, but don't like football, at which point this site will be extremely baffling.) The armchair (or desktop) commentaries included are titled, "The way we see it," "Question of the Week," "Sunday Soothsayers" and the merciless "Losers Lounge." The most interesting part of this site is the NFL Chat Room. You don't really have to be a die-hard football fan to have fun here. The fans in this chat area tend to wear their opinions large and obtrusively on their sleeves, so all you have to do to get ariot going is oppose one or all of them. For example, their entries usually consist of lines such as "Go Jets," or "The Saints blow goats!" Your response would be, "The Jets blow goats," or "Go Saints!" It's easy and fun (when you know how). A word to the wise: don't play unless you're prepared to take a few punches -- these men are passionate about their boys.

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