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Advocates of the freedom of expression may feel the test of faith with this site. The creators of this site are members of a fraternity, or at least they play one on the Web, and the pages are useless. But, they have the right to display it, and we did click every damn room. House B is nothing more than a floor plan in which the viewer can click on individual rooms to find out who or in many cases, what's inside. After we clicked every option, we found the index of the frat residents at the end of the page. Ocassionally, audio embellishment is available, if you like bodily functions and the sounds that grace them. Most ironic is the thief's inventory that the creators have unsuspectingly supplied, detailing the number of VCRs and CDs, not to mention porno magazines, that are in the house. While this may just be a virtual rendition of a fraternity house, we have no doubt a reasonable facsimile exists somewhere in reality.

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