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Placed against a backdrop of Korean imagery and music, this site is a history lesson of martial arts that'll pull you in and hold your interest, thanks mostly to the ambiance the MIDI file creates. The site focuses on Korean martial arts, or Moo Duk Kwan Soo Bahk Do: Moo Duk Kwan being "the style" and Soo Bahk Do being "the art." This fascinating site contains four audio samples, an extensive lesson on the origination of the art/sport and even various samples of games and amusements, such as Asian Astrology and the Tiger and the Treasure Puzzle. If you are a student of martial arts, you'll find the links an message boards, not to mention the education section with links to reading resources such as The Art of War and the I-ching, of great value. You can also get in touch with the Webmaster and contact instructors. If you are just curious, you'll be satisfied with all the information here, just the same. Excellent. A black belt of Web sites.

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