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Hilariously geeky re-interpretation of Don McLean's epic American Pie. In light of Microsoft's dominance of the software industry, Booda has come up with a Gates-centric explanation for each of McLean's cryptic historical lyrics. For instance, "So bye bye Miss American Pi," is annotated: "McLean here decries the strict syntactical rules enforced by the spellchecker in Microsoft Word. Random arrangements of characters, or "Pi", would never be allowed by automatic spellcheckers and would be replaced by similar but inappropriate legal words." Also: "In a coat he borrowed from James Dean/And a voice that came from you and me," is purported to mean, "The image Apple projected in the Macintosh ad campaign was an odd hybrid of a denim-clad, outlaw-like Rebel Without a Cause and a typical, computer-illiterate Everyman." The deadpan delivery and thorough deconstruction makes it even sweeter.

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