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We try not to turn to retail sites for content very often; however, sometimes they're the best sources we can find. Inline snow skating is a relatively new sport and doesn't have a huge Web following yet, so Sled Dogs, notably the company best identified with the sport, has the most to offer. This site fills you in on the sport's hype by telling you who's who in the world of snow skating and by letting you know where you can buy a pair yourself and how much it'll cost. Perhaps the most useful part of the site is the geographical guide to "Snow Skate friendly" parks across the United States. This link tells you the price of lift-tickets, whether or not you can rent Sled Dogs on site, about lodging and food availabilities and more. This site is a lot of fun, for a corporate site. Java animations show you Sled Dogs in action, and be sure not to miss the tips and tricks for advanced skaters. Very cool.

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