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Whether you're Bobby Fischer or someone who knows nothing about chess, you'll appreciate this site. The site isn't designed for the chess master; rather, it's for all of you novices interested in picking up a few strategy tips. The Chessmaster Network Web site claims to be "the information source for the latest in the world of chess." That's right on the money. This site contains tournament updates, news, a history lesson, columns written by the "experts," chat rooms and links. There's more happening here than you might thingk, so the best bet, if you don't want to have to return to the site over and over again, is to subscribe to the mailing list. If you happen to be a chess expert, or at least understand the abbreviations for the pieces and their positions, the featured puzzles are great exercises for improving your game. Just when you think this site has given all it can, you reach the Chessmaster 5000 link and discover the downloadable games. Check it out, mate.

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