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Who hasn't been subjected to the Icecapades? Two pain-filled hours of Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill skating around, dressed as forest nymphs or some variety of Disneyesque princesses? It may have been fantastic at age 10, but when you're 15 (when you'd much rather be at home watching unsupervised cable TV), it's quite a drag. Fortunately, the Zamboni machine was your 15-minute savior -- deliverance in the form of an ice-clearing machine. This Web site is dedicated to the chronology of the machine that was probably the highlight of many children's and adults' hockey and figure-skating show experiences. With images and a brief bit of history about each era of Zamboni, this site is nostalgia-packed and cool. Since the site is also the Zamboni company's official site, you can learn about maintenance and where to buy one for yourself.

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