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Integrating the electronic age into your life means having to deal with the bad as well as the good. What's the best way to cope with technology's shortcomings? Humor. This Web site is a long, categorized list of handwriting misinterpretations by the Newton, a hand-held electronic personal computing and organizing device created by Apple Computer. The product was roasted by the press for not living up to its handwriting analysis abilityes; you were supposed to be able to write on the device's surface and have your words translate to fonts. This site gives you the chance to check out some really funny mistakes people have encountered when dealing with the Newton, such as "President/CEO" comping up on the screen as "President Zero," and "Comdex" resulting in "Condom." Should you find yourself lucky enough to have a high-priced electronic steno-pad of your own, you can share your misinterpretations, too. Links to other Newton sites are included.

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