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Just about every band featured on this site conjures up an uneasy, curious feeling--sort of like running into a high-school ex 10 years after graduation. Internal 16 Produktions is a stockhouse of techno-synth from Book of Love to Strawberry Switchblade, in no particular chronological, alphabetical or genre-specific order. The links to the featured bands contain images, discography lists, album-sleeve images and occasionally an audio bite or two. The site is fairly small with links to plenty of external resources, but the biggest complaint we had was with the total randomness of the Web page. This site is not consistent and is not about technosynth; it's about actors, music and some other stuff: basically, the Webmaster's favorite things. You might get frustrated with the randomness here, but if you want those scattered bits of band info, this might be a place worth checking out.

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