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Lazlo is a responsible Webmaster. He started the Discography Machine site in order to oarganize the 30 or so music and record label Web Pages he maintains. Instead of just giving you one of Lazlo's sites to check out, we decided it would be wise just to toss this wee search engine your way and let you go to town. The bands you'll find in Lazlo's Machine include Kraftwerk, Thomas Dolby, DEVO, k.d. lang, Underworld, ABC, Dead or Alive, Jean-Michel Jarre, Men Without Hats, Willaim Orbit, Orbital and many more. Once you select an artist or group from the list, you are zapped to another empty field where you refine your search or just go directly to the discography list for that artist. If Lazlo can't satisfy you, fear not. Each search includes a list of links to other sites on the Web. Somewhat like a puppy being walked through the park, you'll begin to wander far away from this site, chasing bits of information that distract you, but once you realize you've strayed, you'll come running back.

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