online for Issue 10
September 1996

issue #10 > Featuring:

  • "The Secret Service Vs. Bernie S.":
       When Bernie S. had some questionably illicit phone equipment confiscated by the police in a 7-11 parking lot, little did he know that the incident would be the start of a complex, bizarre and frightening trip through the U.S. legal system. Is he just a harmless hacker or a malicious criminal? Read the complete story and judge for yourself.

  • "On the net with... Eric Idle":
       If you can't stomach the thought of another wahfair-theen mint of a site, make way for Brave Sir Idle's massive PythOnline, the gateway to the misinformation highway.

  • "Spotlight: The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia":
       A closer look at this month's #1 site; Discover why Kevin Bacon is indeed the center of the Hollywood universe.

  • "Issue 10: Tep Ten":
       Discover 10 sites worth trying to explain to your parents during a family dinner.

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