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Online for Issue 7
June 1996

> Features:

  • "Dispatches from Death Row":
    Should prisoners be allowed to post to the Web, or does it violate their victims' rights? Controversy erupts over the site Dead Man Talkin'. And be sure to read the follow up to this story, "Dead Man Callin'".

  • "Rise of the TEMPEST":
    An alarming technology allows modern-day spies to see what's on your monitor, even through walls. Read why the government has kept it under wraps for the last 10 years.

  • "Mad User Disease":
    Warning: MOOs can be addictive. Our disclaimer aside, here's how to get lost in these text-based virtual realities.

  • "Site Spoofing"":
    Forget IP spoofing. From Netscape to Yahoo! to suck, parodies are the latest form of 'net raillery and duplicity.

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