online for Issue 8
July 1996

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  • "The Art (and Science) of Dying Well":
       A first person account of how a compelling obituary drove a former journalist to create DeathNET, the first Web site specializing in end-of-life issues.

  • "Crash Test Dummies":
       Unsuspecting 'net users are being used as human guinea pigs for unreliable, untested and potetially damaging software. Plus, if you're wondering why that plug-in keeps crashing your browser, we know why: You've got the Beta Blues.

  • "Invasion of the Internet Impostors":
       Sure, they may just be circuitry, but some computers are better conversationalists than the people you meet online.

  • "Leaving Las Vegas Behind":
       Entrepreneurs are hoping to cash in on virtual cybercasinos, but are the financial, emotional, and legal risks worth the gamble?

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