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August 1996

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  • "Stop the Presses?":
       Newspapers are making a mad dash for the Web, but do readers really want to curl up in bed on a Sunday morning with coffee and a laptop?

  • "Organized Chaos":
       A virtual canine WebBuddy who retrieves URLs, smart agents who spy on Web sites and cyberhindsight -- a look at the new breed of bookmarking programs.

  • "Super Sounds of the Internet":
       As seen on the 'net! Shatner! Godzilla! Esquivel! Combing the the Web's virtual bins for aural oddities and sonic treasures. Only available through this special story. Read by midnight tonight! No C.O.D.s please.

  • "False Positives and Forged Identities":
       Soon you'll be asked to present your digital ID when you step into 'net establishments, but can VeriSign's digital signatures, the driver's licenses of cyberspace, guarantee that you really are who you say you are?

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