Cover of April '97 issue      volume 2, issue 4
April 1997       electric paper

  Cover Story:

Show Us the Cheese by the IU staff
The Web is awash in cheesy corporate sites. We bite the bullet, grab some barf bags and report back on the good, the bad and the Fertnel. (pg 52)


Zen and the Art of Hacking by Richard Thieme
It takes more than long hair and a cool handle to make you legit. We separate the real hackers from the scores of pretenders. (pg 26)

Cheaters Do Prosper by Steve Knopper
Cheaters never prosper? Term-paper peddlers on the Net are proving that old adage wrong. (pg 44)

Future Schlock by Charles Platt
Why is the first virtual world's fair being held in San Antonio instead of on your computer? (pg 50)

Contrabandwidth by Richard P. Greenfield
Knives, porn, drugs, even Fabio calendars--exploring the seamy side of Net commerce. (pg 56)

On the Net with...John Kricfalusi by Rob Bernstein
They're better than bad, they're good! Quality time with the creators of Ren and Stimpy. (pg 62)

FAQ: Being-In Now by Mark Katzman
Michael Gosney's Digital Be-In helps expand the collective consciousness of the Net. (pg 68)


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