Internet Underground FAQ

What is Internet Underground?

Originally, IU was a print magazine published by Ziff-Davis Publishing Co., and turned up on newsstands ten times a year. We covered the cool side of the Internet, which we admit is a rather slippery topic. We aimed to inform and entertain people who are smart, sarcastic and technologically inclined. Each content-packed issue was stylishly laid out over 82 dead-tree pages, suitable for framing.

Online, IU is still packed to the brim with fun and features. Not only does this site have stories from the print version, it also contains Internet-only content and enough site reviews to keep a small army surfing for weeks. Updates to this site will start again in the year 2001.

Here's how it works:

  • Sneak a peek at the contents of our current issue, then head to your friendly neighborhood newsstand or bookstore to pick up a copy.

  • Browse through our archives, which hold a staggering selection of the many fine features published previously in IU, and check out our "electric paper" for links to all the sites in a given issue (founded June 1996).

  • Find original content written just for this site in our online only section: news, reviews and the IU staff's weekly opinion column, IMHO.

  • Explore the outer reaches of the Internet at our WebGuide, which offers point-and-click access to thousands of sites with our witty reviews and star ratings.

  • Search our entire site for references to spam, speed traps or sticky wickets.

  • Learn the e-mail addresses and cereal preferences of the IU staff at our contact page. We love to hear from readers--especially readers who don't make fun of our haircuts.

Do you recommend any particular software to browse this site?

This site should look just fine in anything you installed after 1996.

Can I subscribe to Internet Underground?

Sorry, but no; at present, IU is only available online. For more information, read our subscription FAQ.

Who should I write to about (insert topic here)?

  • If you'd like to freelance for IU, read the writer's guidelines first,then submit a query.

  • If you have a suggestion for a product or book that we should review, or know any good chowder recipes, please write to Alex Gordon.

  • If you have industry news or gossip, address Rob Bernstein.

  • If you would like someone here to take a look at your site, write to Gloria Mitchell.

  • If you have a technical problem or question about this Web site, please write to Troy Brophy.

  • And finally, if you love us, or if you hate us--if, in fact, you have any strong feelings about us at all--drop a line to Tiny the Mailguy

How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

728, according to the researchers at (as featured in our Feb./March issue).

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